She was born and raised in a land where the collision of the ancient and modern worlds resulted in what is now the important cultural center of Mexico City. With its traditions and history, its majestic colonial and pre-Hispanic architecture, and its unique handmade crafts, ’D.F.’ is for her not just a city, but an exhibition of art in its myriad forms of expression. From her earliest days, the seed of an artistic weed has been growing within her brain.

Although visiting many of the museums and theaters in such a huge city has helped her to understand her own culture, it was traveling and living in other countries that taught her to appreciate other cultures as well. Despite her love for art, she had given up on painting for sixteen years, discouraged by the corruption she witnessed in the art industry of Mexico City as a kid.

Now living in Austin, she is reminded of the beautiful area where she spent much of her childhood, the Bohemian- inspired neighborhood Coyoacan in southern Mexico City. The refreshing environment of Austin has given her the freedom to express herself and has made her feel at home. After getting a B.A. in Graphic Design, and searching for passion and fulfillment in life, she has come to regret her decision to abandon art. Now, she has taken up the paintbrush—or was taken up by the paintbrush—and has once again embarked on one of the most joyful journeys of her life, to find her creativity and herself.